Pub 340 is excited to offer fabulous new menu items along with our excellent Pub Food.

Our food is prepared daily with the freshest ingredients possible.

  • Fries are made in house with Kennebec potatoes from the Fraser Valley;
  • Beef burgers are home-made, chicken burgers;
  • Chichen clubhouse sandwiches feature a 6 oz. boneless breast of chicken; and
  • Our steaks are cut to order from triple ‘grade A’ New York strip loin.

Pub 340’s kitchen is open:

Sunday – Tuesday1pm to 7pm
Wednesday – Thursday1pm to 8pm
Friday1pm to 9pm
Saturday1pm to 8pm

Pub 340 offers brunch on Sundays between 9am and 3pm.

Excellent Pub Grub by Pub 340

What’s happening at Pub 340? Well, our solid mantra is to always have a great time. Wherever you are from, whoever you are with, and whenever it is, find joy, comfort, and energy at the pub’s great food. 

Like the diverse options of our pinball machines, the team guarantees to provide you with an exciting and fabulous menu. We prepare all dishes with the freshest ingredients possible. From starters to dessert, we have completed your course meal. On top of that, since our clients come from all walks of life, expect to see varying cuisines ranging from the East to West. Well, what can we say? We love a united community! Here at the pub, everyone is welcome.

Pub 340’s pub policies and reminders

Founded in 1898, it is our team’s pleasure to carry on the tradition. As we strive to maintain the longevity of our business — becoming a household name in the downtown area — allow us to give you a few important policies to remember. 

Adherence to the pub reminders ensures the safety and seamless service — both apply to the establishment and customers. Let us know should you find some of the statements vague or opposing to you. We’d be more than pleased to clear your concerns.

  • Events service: Our pub is open for private venue rentals. Why bother to look the other way in the search for a separate venue and catering when Pub 340 has both?
  • First-come, first-serve basis: There are just days when the pub is jam-packed. To fully maintain the cleanliness and relaxing yet fun vibes of the place, our team strictly follows the first-come, first-serve basis. You could refer to our contact page to see our business hours. 
  • Parking lot: The pub has an available parking lot that is viable for 10 to 15 vehicles.
  • Smoking: Smoking is allowed both inside and outside the premises. See to it that you use the ashtrays when you are inside the building. Or, you could simply throw it in the trash can to maintain cleanliness and avoid unfortunate accidents.
  • Payment methods: The pub allows cash, debit and credit cards, and electronic money transfers (e-wallet money). As for cards, we only accept AMEX, Mastercard, and Visa.
  • Online order: Can’t seem to join the party? Then we will bring it to your home through the pub’s online ordering and delivery services. For instructions, please refer to our contact page.

Pub 340 menu

The pub cares about your health and dietary needs. With the diverse and dynamic pub grub menu, we give you the following options:

  • Vegetarian options from Indian cuisine
  • The juicy, sultry beefy taste from the American cuisine (with dishes that are deep-fried and smoked to perfection)
  • The lovingly and homelike comfortable taste of desserts from French and Italian cuisine
  • Last but not the least, the refreshing and tasty drinks from local and global brands

India’s plant-based menu

Experience healthy, tasty, and vibrant spicy dishes from Indian cuisine.


  • Aloo Tikki (5 pcs) | CAD10.30
    • Made with fried potatoes patties that are seasoned with Indian spices, deep-fried to perfection, and finally served with chickpea curry.
  • Veg. Corn Hara Bhara Kabab | CAD10.10
    • Made with ground lentil balls flavoured with garam masala, and served with yoghurt and tamarind sauce.
  • Veg. Pakora | CAD6.00
    • Made with spiced fritters that are coated in seasoned flour batter, deep-fried to perfection, and served with potato patties and fried onions.


  • Mulligatawny | CAD7.50
    • Made with unsweetened coconut milk, red lentils, curry powder, and fresh slices of apple.
  • Indian Garlic Soup | CAD6.00
    • This is a chicken stock soup made with Yukon gold potatoes, curry powder, heavy cream, and fresh cloves of garlic.
  • Veg. Sweet Corn Soup | CAD6.95
    • This creamy soup is made of sweet corn, apple cider, cabbage, french beans, spring onions, and seasoned with Indian spices.

The American Way: Fries and sandwiches

Heavy, convenient, and exceptionally tasty. Get all of these benefits with American cuisine’s juicy and premium quality meat dishes. 


  • All-American Hamburger | CAD12.95
    • Made with quality ground beef, chilli sauce (can be removed), Swiss cheese, American cheese, dill pickles, and tomatoes
  • Bacon, egg, and cheese | CAD10.50
    • Made with fried egg, bacon, red onions, American cheese, and tomatoes
  • Bacon Cheddar Burger | CAD7.95
    • Made with char-broiled 6 oz. beef burger, toasted bun, cheddar, bacon, tomato, lettuce, mayo, and served with mustard with fries
  • Mushroom Swiss Burger | CAD7.95
    • Made with char-broiled 6 oz. beef burger, Swiss cheese, toasted bun, sauteed mushrooms, tomato, lettuce, and served with mayo and mustard with fries
  • Classic BLT | CAD6.95
    • Made with bacon (B), lettuce (L), and tomato (T), and mayo between your choice of white, multigrain or sourdough toast, then served with fries


  • Clubhouse | CAD8.95
    • Made with grilled chicken breast, bacon, tomato, lettuce, and mayo between 3 slices of white, multigrain or sourdough toast with fries
  • Chicken strips | CAD7.95
    • Made with breaded chicken tenders that are deep-fried to perfection, and served with honey mustard sauce and fries
  • Breakfast sandwich | CAD3.95
    • Made with gently fried egg, sliced ham between toasted English muffin and deep-fried hash brown, then topped with cheddar or Swiss cheese. 

Homemade: Pub 340’s specialties

With the long-hours of working in the pub, Pub 340 has become a home to some of our employees. Come and check their delicious dishes that were created in the pub’s very own kitchen.

We offer only the best fresh dishes through organic eggs, premium quality meat and dairy, and even including real Canadian cheeses and butter. Plus, we give you the option in which type of bread you would like to add: white, multigrain, and sourdough. 

Breakfast meals

  • Eggs and taters | CAD4.95
    • Made with two eggs (your choice of style), baked hash browns, and toast
  • Churchill’s arms | CAD5.95
    • Made with two eggs (your choice of style), choice of ham, bacon or sausage, baked hash browns, and toast
  • Sharon’s Special | CAD7.95
    • Made with two eggs (your choice of style), three rashers bacon, two sausages, and a slice of ham with baked hash browns and toast.
  • Eggs Benedict | CAD6.95
    • Made with two poached eggs and sliced ham on toasted English muffin halves, then covered with Hollandaise sauce, with baked hash browns and toast.
  • Fillet and eggs | CAD8.95
    • Made with 5 oz. of beef tenderloin, two eggs (your choice of style), then served with baked hash browns and toast

Lunch and dinner meals: They are served after 1:00 PM.

  • New York Steak Dinner | CAD14.20
    • Served with your choice of potato and seasonal vegetables.
  • Phil’s homemade meatloaf | CAD7.95
    • Served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and seasonal vegetables.
  • Roast beef dinner | CAD11.00
    • Served with mashed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Pizza menu

Can’t seem to choose which dishes you’d like to order? In this sub-menu, one can never go wrong with pizza dishes. Familiar taste, diverse options, and ideal for a large group of friends. To enjoy them even better, you may choose in our two sizes, as follows:

Single — approx. 32 cm

Jumbo — approx. 40 cm

  • Pizza Hawaii | Single: CAD11.00 | Jumbo: CAD13.90
    • Made with tomato sauce, pineapple, ham, and cheese
  • Pizza Chicken Gyros | Single: CAD11.10 | Jumbo: CAD13.95
    • Made with tomato sauce, onions, juicy chicken gyros, and Swiss cheese
  • Seafood Pizza | Single: CAD11.10 | Jumbo: CAD14.50
    • Made with tomato sauce, seafood varieties, onions, and cheddar

French and Italian desserts

French and Italian cuisines are the ultimate champion of dessert making. See our dessert menu below:

Parfait | CAD8.95

  • Chocolate parfait
  • Blueberry pie parfait

Crepe | CAD9.50

  • Classic crepe
  • Fruity crepe
  • Berry nutty crepe

Affogato | CAD7.50

  • Homemade affogato classic
  • Italian classic
  • Liqueur-based affogato

Pub bar

Don’t forget to take a few refreshing sips from the pub’s wide range of drinks collection.

Beers on tap

  • Genuine Draft | CAD350
  • Pacific Western Lager | CAD 350
  • Molson Canadian | CAD 450
  • Grasshopper | CAD450
  • Traditional Ale | CAD450

Domestic beers (all drinks under this tab come at CAD4.50)

  • Molson Canadian
  • Budweiser, Labatts Blue, and Bud Lite
  • Kokanee, Labatts Genuine Draft
  • Old Style Pilsner
  • Miller Genuine Draft
  • Moosehead

Specialty beers (all drinks under this tab come at CAD5.50)

  • Alexander Keith
  • Stella
  • Heineken
  • Sleeman Honey Brown
  • Corona


  • Okanagan Ciders | CAD4.50
    • Flavours are apple, peach, pear, and cranberry peach.
  • Strongbow Cider | CAD6.65
  • Smirnoff Ice | CAD5.50

Off-Sales (these drinks come either in 6 or 8 packs)

  • Black Ice | 6 packs: CAD12
  • Pacidic Pilsner | 6 packs: CAD12
  • Canadian | 6 packs: CAD15
  • Kokanee | 6 packs: CAD150
  • Budweiser | 6 packs: CAD15
  • Lucky Lager | 8 packs: CAD19
  • Moosehead | 8 packs: CAD19
  • Alexander Keiths | 8 packs: CAD15

12 packs | CAD28.50

  • Canadian
  • Kokanee
  • Budweiser

Check our events!

When the downtown sounds lively, you know where to find that fun noise. Apart from our love for comforting pub food, we like to sing and dance all night long! Here at Pub 340, we always like to spice things up. So, come and meet new people, and have the best and memorable pub experience as we invite you to try our weekly events. Check the details of our karaoke and open mic nights here on this page: Join Pub 304’s Fun Weekly Events.