Pub 340 Karaoke
Every Tuesday and Thursday

9 pm to 1 am

Tuesdays and Thursdays, let out your inner singer and come join us for Karaoke. Bring a group of friends for a fun, liberating night. Great drink specials!

Look forward to a new, fresh experience. Raeann Cleator is the new host of Karaoke nights at Pub 340. RC is awesome and we are excited to have her back.

We’re upgrading our whole system and will be online with song books and wait lists!

Pub 340’s Gastown’s Legendary Karaoke: Over 100,000 Songs

For over a century of commitment and passion in music, Pub 340 has the best and legendary karaoke in the dynamic neighbourhood of Gastown. For two times a week, let out your unspoken singing career here at our newly upgraded karaoke system. With great food and drinks, great company, and a great collection of karaoke songs, we guarantee you a fun, unbridled night.

Gastown’s Legendary Karaoke

Bring your friends and family every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Show us what you got, and who knows, you might be the pub’s next Diva! With our more than 100,000 song catalogue — one of the most extensive in the city — twice a week will never be enough.

For a newer and fresher experience, Pub 340 proudly presents you with the new hostess of karaoke nights: RaeAnn Cleator. She’s really funny and engaging. With her 100% confidence, she will surely help you cover ‘Like a Virgin’ like a goddess. Apart from her gig at the pub, she is currently self-employed as an event planner, mobile bar service, and artist manager. If you need reliable and quality service, you know who to call.

Karaoke guidelines

Karaoke nights would not be successful and entertaining without a healthy and coherent space. It is the promise of our team to maintain a seamless experience and welcoming atmosphere as far as possible. In light of this policy, may we remind you of the following reminders that you must abide by: 

  • Respect all performers. Remember that we are here to have fun.
  • No ill-suited and insolent remarks. Our team will ask you to leave if they hear such comments a few times.
  • Do not interrupt the performer. You may join or sing-along with them.
  • Once you use the karaoke machine (and other equipment), you are fully financially liable for damaging the pub’s property.
  • All performers and guests must behave morally and decently.
  • Do not forget to have fun.

The pub has the right to refuse guests who have the following:

  • With steel weapons, piercing, and cutting materials
  • With outside alcoholic drinks
  • With narcotic drugs
  • With animals (guests with pets can still dine at the pub’s outdoor area)

Join our Wednesday’s Open Mic!

Performing at the century-old platform of Pub 340 is such a remarkable and thrilling experience. Show us your creative talent every Wednesday from 8:00 PM to 12:00 midnight at our open mic event. 

Here downtown, there is nothing truer, more unprejudiced and welcoming than this event. Whether it is an original song, poem, or stand-up comedy script, our guests will sing-along, laugh, and cry with you. Check the details right here on this page: Join Pub 340’s Fun Weekly Events!.