Special Events

What’s Happening at Pub 340 – photos of recent events

Weekly Events

We love to sing and dance! We hope you will join us; Karaoke on Tuesday and Thursday.

Dust off your bells and rings – you know; rings on your fingers and bells on your toes. “Honey, where did we put those bells ….”


Thursday, join us 9pm to 1am for Gastown’s best karaoke, with over 100,000 songs to choose from and great drink specials.   Find out more about Pub 340 Karaoke Events …

Open Mic

Every Wednesday, show us what you’ve got at our weekly Open Mic night, hosted by Jayme Black & Benny Kemp, who play all your favourite cover tunes in between guest acts and will help you get set up if needed. These guys are very helpful, they may even sing with you – if you ask nicely.

Come down anytime after 8pm with stand-up, stories, poems or original songs to share.

Find out more about Pub 340 Open Mic…

Join Pub 340’s Fun Weekly Events!

Here at Pub 340, we like to spice things up. As the downtown’s friendly little famous pub, we strive to give you memorable experiences every week. So, the pub community invites you to dust off your bells and get on your feet because we love to sing and dance! On this page, get the latest updates of our fun weekly events.

What’s happening at Pub 340?

The pub celebrates life, achievements, and even sorrowful events through karaoke and open mic nights. With our clientele portfolio that comes from all walks of life, every bit of talent and opinion is welcome on our platform.

Karaoke Nights

Every Tuesday and Thursday night from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM, come and join us for Gastown’s Legendary Karaoke. Sing as many songs as you could, and who knows, you might be the next karaoke champion of the whole downtown. Find more about this event here on this page: Pub 340’s Gastown’s Legendary Karaoke: Over 100,000 Songs.

Open Mic

Here in the downtown, there is nothing truer and more welcoming environment other than Pub 340’s Open Mic events. Join us and see the town’s best talents every Wednesday night from 8:00 PM to 12:00 midnight. It is hosted by the pub masters and skilled musicians: Jayme Black and Benny Kemp of the Blooze Brothers band.

The place is occupied by welcoming and polite guests. As our team guarantees to give you a seamless experience, bear in mind that we strictly observe open mic rules and regulations. From singing original songs to stand-up comedies and poem entries, everyone can take the spotlight.

In light of maintaining a healthy space during open mic nights, here are the team’s reminders for both guests and performers: 

For guests: 

  • Respect all performances (Our team will ask you to leave if they hear your insolent remarks a few times).
  • Don’t talk or chat loudly.
  • Don’t forget to have fun.

For performers:

  • Respect the pub’s equipment.
  • Be gracious (even if the guests are only between two to three people, continue to play for them).
  • Cut the lengthy, shaggy story before playing your song (a direct message will suffice).
  • Always ready your personal gears.
  • Perform original songs, poems, and scripts.
  • Talk with other fellow musicians.
  • Respect your fellow musicians’ talent.
  • Don’t also forget to have fun. Don’t worry about failing. 

Check our great food!

The best night out with friends and family comes with great food! Get that ultimate energy as you sing, have fun, and win pinball games all night with our exciting and fabulous menu. Our team guarantees to prepare all dishes with the freshest ingredients possible. From starters to dessert, Pub 340 has completed your course meal. See what we offer here on this page: Excellent Pub Food by Pub 340.