Tips to sing better at karaoke

Pub 340: Tips to sing better at karaoke 

Pub 340 is a great place to drink ice cold drinks, eat tasty comfort food, socialize and of course, sing karaoke! To have the best karaoke experience, here are some tips to improve your singing skill:

  • Know your vocal range

To find out your exact voice range, try note matching. Using a piano and trying to match the notes is the best way to do this. This can help you choose if you should sing songs with higher, lower or mid ranges.

  • Pick the perfect song

You can move on to song selection once you have found out your vocal range or at least have a decent idea of what type of notes you can hit. First, make a list of songs that you believe you can sing well. The most vital part of your karaoke performance is that you enjoy it, so pick a good song that you like, not just one that fits your voice.

After that, you may begin practising. Try singing each song on your list with an instrumental version so you can hear your voice clearly. After you have sung all of the songs, rank them in order of how well they fit your voice and how much you love them.

  • Know the proper breathing

If your throat starts to feel tight at any point while you sing, this is due to a lack of deep breathing since you are singing using your throat. To get the most out of your vocals, you should start singing from your diaphragm.

Spend around 10-15 minutes a day, using a method called belly breathing, which will help you fully focus on your breathing during singing. This involves inhaling as much as possible through your mouth and nose to fill your belly. After that, gently and deeply exhale.

  • Practice

Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes. If you want to enhance your singing skills, you should try to practice for at least 20 minutes a day with the songs you have chosen.

For the best results, you should practice with an instrumental track. You will only get so far if you sing along to the original song since you won’t be hearing your voice.

  • Prepare for your performance

A few days before your karaoke performance, you should try to rest your voice as much as possible. You can still practice if you feel you need to, but limit it to 5 to 10 minutes at a time to avoid tiring your voice.

To get the most out of your voice, make sure you warm up properly. Below are some of our top vocal warm-up exercises:

  • Practice deep breathing for at least five minutes
  • Hum a song or tune through a straw
  • Take a big breath in and then exhale slowly, allowing your lips to vibrate as the air passes through them
  • Try some tongue twisters
  • Massage your jaw with your hands