Pub 340: The best tasting beer brews in the world!

Beer is a staple alcoholic beverage that many people across the world love so much. It’s a drink you can bring at any kind of gatherings like parties or simple get-togethers. You can also drink this beverage alone if you want to relax after a hard day’s work. 

It’s such a versatile drink that’s somewhat tied to many people’s day-to-day life. Some can’t even get enough of this drink that they keep personal supplies inside their refrigerators. At Pub 340, we recognize beer’s importance to man’s everyday life that’s why we’re here to discuss the beverage on a deeper level. 

Ales vs lagers

All the beers that you can buy at the market fall into two categories that are the ales and lagers. What makes both categories different from each other is the yeast formation when the liquid is brewed. During the brewing process, when the yeast gathers at the bottom of the tank, it’s called a lager. The taste of this beer is clear and crisp, the perfect refreshing to complete your day. 

On the other hand, when the yeast gathers at the top during the brewing process, it’s called an ale. Unlike lager, ales are more aromatic and fruity in flavour. Ale is faster to brew compared to lager because it can age for just a few weeks. Lagers, on the other hand, needs to ferment for months. 

Different types of ale

There are various types of ale and they are as follows:

  1. India pale ale – One of the most popular craft beer styles today because of its flavourful taste and aroma. With each sip, you can taste flavours like citrus, spice, tropical fruits, pines, and berries. One of its distinctive characteristics is its bitter aftertaste that gives the drinker quite a kick.
  2. New England-style IPA – It’s inspired by the India pale ale but not quite as bitter. Unlike the original IPA, it gives emphasis on juicer aromas that can often taste like milkshakes. It’s unfiltered so it’s hazy in appearance.
  3. Imperial beers – For a maltier taste, the imperial beer is the perfect choice. It can taste like biscuits when you drink it. 
  4. Stouts – Often compared to chocolate and coffee flavours, the stout is made with roasted barley. It’s a dark coloured ale that is aged mostly in bourbon barrels to get that boozier character.
  5. Wheat beers – As its name suggests, wheat beers are made from grain which adds to the drink’s flavour. 

Different types of lager

There are various types of ale and they are as follows:

  1. Lager – This is the most popular beer style in the world and majority of alcoholic beverages in the market are often categorized as lagers. 
  2. Pilsner – It’s a highly carbonated lager type beer that has a slight spicy tinge. Named after the city of Pilsen in Czech Republic, it’s the country’s most popular exported liquor product.
  3. Helles – This beer is distinguished by its malt-forward taste and crisp, cracker like undertones. Liking this beer is an acquired taste because it isn’t sweet and has a bitter aftertaste.
  4. Mexican lagers – Brewed with flaked corn or maize, Mexican lagers are often served with lime. Some beers even flavour this lager type with lime to add a more citrus taste.