Pub 340: Advantages of listening to live music

Pub 340: Advantages of listening to live music

It’s a given that most people nowadays like listening to music. No matter what genre you’re into, there are always some new tunes to discover out there. This is why the music industry is worth billions of dollars because people go crazy for new music nowadays. 

However, people don’t just look for the latest releases, they also like listening to music live. If you are looking for an escape and want to listen to good authentic music, then going to a concert or a bar could be a great idea. 

Surprisingly, there are a lot of benefits from listening to music live. This is why we at Pub 340 do our best to provide our customers with fresh and new music to listen to. 

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we host live music here in our pub to set the mood and give our customers a better experience. To learn more about the advantages of listening to live music, see the list below: 

  1. Listening to live music is a mood booster
    There’s just something about listening to music live that changes the whole experience. You can watch singers and instrumentalists strut their stuff on the stage and showcase their talent right in front of you. 

When it comes to listening to music on Spotify or the radio, you can’t get that kind of experience. That’s why it can boost your mood and become a great source of energy. 

  1. Listening to live music can reduce stress
    If you’ve been having a stressful week with work, going to a pub or even a concert with live music can reduce stress. You will be exposed to a different environment and your stress levels can significantly go down. 
  2. Listening to live music can stimulate your brain
    The primary objective of listening to music is to make you hear good tunes and get you bopping to the beat. 

However, if you listen to live music, it will stimulate your brain even more. This is because you have both audio and visual stimulation, giving your brain more things to take in. 

  1. Listening to live music can promote a sense of community
    When you listen to live music, there’s a very good chance that other people will be there with you. You can enjoy new music with others and even make connections while you’re outside. You’re surrounded by people who have the same interests as you, so take advantage of it and chat them up! 
  2. Listening to live music can expose you to other music genres
    You may think that you feel fine in your bubble of favourite music, but going out and listening to live performances can change your point of view. Who knows? You could discover a new song or genre that you don’t usually go for. In the end, there’s always some room for growth and musical inspiration.