6 ways how to not get drunk at parties

When at a drinking party at your local pub, there’s nothing worse than not being able to drink more. That getting drunk after just a few drinks sounds terrible! It will make you look ridiculous in front of your friends or you won’t be able to taste more exciting drinks. Either way, you won’t have fun.

Today at Pub 340, we’ll be sharing with you 7 ways you can drink but without getting drunk.

Set some limits

Before having some drinks, think of a specific number of drinks to have and stick to it. Some research suggests that we can have no more than four alcoholic drinks on any day. However, each of our tolerances is different, so create a number of drinks that work for you, instead of those you’re with. 

Also, the limits include the price you’ll be spending. Be sure to check your budget, and see to it that you’re making a sober and practical decision about how much you can spend. 

Finally, take the time to see the alcohol levels of your drinks. Doing so will help you pick and choose properly so you can have more drinks without getting drunk too soon.

Don’t drink too fast

One of the fastest ways of getting drunk is drinking too quickly. To ensure you can last longer, space out one drink from the other. 

Not sure if you can handle the wait? Remember, you’re at a party. So you should take the time to mingle, dance or sing, to help yourself get distracted from drinking too much. After all, the drinks are just a part of the party, it’s not everything. 

Learn to say ‘no’

Peer pressure is difficult to overcome. That as everyone starts to have stronger alcoholic drinks, they’ll encourage you to drink the same amounts as them. If you choose to say ‘yes’ to them, not only will you get drunk too quickly but also make you feel terrible afterwards. 

So for you to enjoy more drinks and have safe fun, you must learn how to say ‘no’ to peer pressure and stick to the plans you’ve already set for yourself.

Avoid drinking rounds and shots

It’s alright to occasionally buy your friends a drink. However, if you’re in a large group, it can become an expensive drinking session. This will not only get you drunk but also make you lose too much of your money.

Rounds of alcoholic drinks or shots will do this for sure. So to keep your budget and let you have more fun, make sure to avoid doing this. 

Drink food and water

Every time you have a glass of an alcoholic drink, have a glass of water or sweet drinks. Also, consider having some snacks or a heavy meal. Whatever you choose, these will help you slow the effects of alcohol and keep you sober longer. 

Track your progress

Every time you drink, have some presence of mind. This is because when you lose track of time, you’ll get drunk quicker because of the alcohol. If you can’t track your drinking on your own, ask a trusted friend to do it for you.