Tips to sing better at karaoke

Pub 340: Tips to sing better at karaoke  Pub 340 is a great place to drink ice cold drinks, eat tasty comfort food, socialize and of course, sing karaoke! To have the best karaoke experience, here are some tips to improve your singing skill: Know your vocal range To find out your exact voice range, … Read more

Pub 340: The best tasting beer brews in the world!

Beer is a staple alcoholic beverage that many people across the world love so much. It’s a drink you can bring at any kind of gatherings like parties or simple get-togethers. You can also drink this beverage alone if you want to relax after a hard day’s work.  It’s such a versatile drink that’s somewhat … Read more

Pub 340: Romance in a drink cocktail recipes

Why not celebrate your relationship with your special someone with a fun and delectable homemade cocktail? Whether you prefer a bubbly champagne cocktail for two or a tasty classic punch, rest assured that the drinks we have on our list are sure to satisfy your desires. Check out the wonderful cocktail recipes we have below. … Read more

Pub 340: Advantages of listening to live music

Pub 340: Advantages of listening to live music It’s a given that most people nowadays like listening to music. No matter what genre you’re into, there are always some new tunes to discover out there. This is why the music industry is worth billions of dollars because people go crazy for new music nowadays.  However, … Read more