Welcome to Pub 340

There’s been a beer parlour or pub in this location since 1898, and it’s our pleasure to carry on that tradition. At Pub 340, we offer a warm welcome for everyone, whether first-time visitors or folks we see on a regular basis.

Come in for a visit! You’ll enjoy the time you spend here. We offer:

Fun Times at Pub340

  • Steve Stone is back hosting Open Mic and Sunday Jam. It's good to have you back Steve!
  • Cezar dropped in for a steak on Saturday. He had a little free time as he treated his beautiful wife to a day at the spa.
  • Family Affair. These folks are brothers and a sister , they enjoy playing darts together and drinking a little beer at the pub
  • HI Heather, Got some new glasses, pretty cool. Join Heather for Karaoke on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • This was a kodak moment, all the guys at the bar are from cape Breton , but now live in Vancouver, and all just happened to be in the pub at the same time. Beer anyone ?
  • These lovely people are visiting from Australia.. and came to see us a couple of times during their stay
  • Getting ready to rock on a Sunday night....the gang is all here!!
  • Girlfriends share a little party at Pub 340. Cheers
  • Jordan's stag party, hey Jordan looking good!
  • These guys are off on a road trip to Vegas and Reno and dropped by the bar to say goodbye , and they will miss us. Have fun you guys!!!
  • Daniel was a delight , visiting from the U.K., he stopped into our little pub for a cold one, and stayed all afternoon. What a charmer!
  • Happy Birthday, Rose . A rose for Rose's birthday!
  • Enjoy your celebrations at Pub340
  • These guys and gals are having a great time.
  • Friends meeting at Pub340



Open Mic

karaokeStarts at 9pm.
Every Wednesday you can get up on stage and perform. Everyone has a great time, our host Steve Stone makes sure of that.

Steve plays all your favourite cover tunes in between guest acts. Anyone with stand-up comedy sets to try out, stories, poems, original songs or your favorite cover tune to share is welcome. Find out more…



Hez at karaokeEvery Tuesday and Thursday, join us 9pm to 1am for Gastown’s best karaoke, with over 100,000 songs to choose from and great drink specials.  find out more …



Complicit_1440x1440-compressorSubspec presents techno with complicit

Saturday, October 4 at 10pm

The DJ’s are coming back to Pub340, check it out


Hot Lucy – Monthly House Band


Saturday, October 18th at 9 pm

They always pack the pub so come early to avoid the line ups!

No cover charge. More about the band.

Here’s one of Hot Lucy’s music videos – STOMPA:

More music videos on the Hot Lucy House Band page.